We’re moving right along!

Hi friends!

Thank you all for following our journey! I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since you’ve received an update, but honestly there hasn’t been much to update you all on until very recently. Lots of hurry up, and wait. I’ll jump back to our med screening that we had in San Fran back in September.

IMG_2789This is a photo Aaron took of the Golden gate bridge on our date night we took during the trip.

The trip was wonderful and went very smoothly. I really like the fertility clinic we are working with and our RE (reproductive endocrinologist) is wonderful. We got an original transfer calendar while we were out there and we were told that as long as everything came back looking good we would be following the calendar we were given. This had our embryo transfer date set for the end of November. Unfortunately, hardly anything goes exactly as planned and turns out we were no exception. Everything looked good at the clinic, but when my blood work came back two weeks later they found that I had an extremely low immunity to Rubella, of all things. So, unfortunately, this meant that I had to get an updated immunization and wait 4 weeks to get retested, completely throwing our original calendar out the window. C’est la vie.

Well fast forward 4 weeks, and my blood work came back and I was immune! Great news! Now we had to work on the legal side of things. Our IP’s (intended parents) had been working with their attorney to write up a contract and once they were done, we would go over it with our attorney with any proposed changes. This can potentially take a very long time as each time any party has any proposed changed it has to be resubmitted to the other party for review. It will go back and forth till everyone is happy with it and then it’s time for signatures. Luckily the changes that we felt needed to be made on our end were minor, and they approved them all without any trouble. This is a really good thing because with our new calendar we got from clinic we had only 4 days to get our contract reviewed and finalized or we would have to push back the dates another month, again.

We got everything signed and submitted in time, and I started all my medication last week. As long as my body responds the way it’s supposed to, we will be transferring the end of December. We are so excited to finally feel like things are starting to move, and make it to transfer month! What an honor to be able to walk alongside this family in their journey into parenthood! I’m so thankful for all of you who have been walking alongside us. You truly are part of making a miracle happen.

A much briefer note from the surro-dad: What she said.

Kidding, mostly.

From my vantage point, all of this is super interesting. I am utterly dumbfounded watching all the science of queuing up a miracle go down. Completely amazing that what we are doing is even a possibility. I felt that way going into this, but now that shots are happening and we are creeping up on our transfer so quickly, it’s impossible how time flies and how modern medicine works. It’s absolutely not lost on me how cool this all is. And how squishy I hope it will be (baby!!).

There are some odds. They aren’t betting odds, either. Not every transfer takes. And for reasons that I won’t go into because they aren’t mine to share, I really, really hope it does. Because I’m so excited to tell people the baby my wife is carrying isn’t mine–er… a version of that 😉 But more importantly, there is a family out there missing a piece; that isn’t whole. And I cannot wait to help change all that, one insane-o preggo craving request, hormonal crazy-ledge talk-down, or insert-all-the-other-whacko-with-child-circumstances-here at a time. Because one way or another, this kiddo is gonna change the world. This baby, like any, might grow up to cure some horrible disease or invent some cool new way to communicate. Those would be pretty neat. But if all this little one does is make a mom and a dad out of a couple of regular people, that’s pretty remarkable all on its own and certainly good enough for me.

Surro-Pop, out.


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