This is the view from our window this morning — a gentle reminder that today is ripe with possibility. We’ll flip a proverbial coin at our transfer appointment this morning and then go get French fries; in a week or so we’ll find out our heads or tails — whether or not it worked. And it’s different this time. It’s absolutely as exciting, but less, I don’t know… grave? Maybe that’s what a failed transfer does to you. Or maybe it’s the Sinatra/Gershwin Pandora station we have on as we wake up to the view above. I can tell you it certainly doesn’t hurt to know a little more this time around; to hear (from people that know) things like “…if [the last transfer] didn’t work for you, it wasn’t going to work for anyone.” Amanda is incredibly healthy and charts perfect numbers at every appointment. Between that and the absolutely flawless pregnancies and deliveries involving our own amazing children, she’s a baby making machine. No, we don’t want any more of our own, thanks for asking. 😜

Today, the hormones want omelettes and hash browns smothered in cheese, peppers, mushrooms, onions, and bacon. It’ll be tough, but I’ll suffer through it. And after breakfast, we’ll transfer while wearing some sweet action pineapple garb because supposedly they are lucky. I don’t much care for superstition, but I’m down because my pineapple shirt looks dope.

Happy Friday, everyone!! Enjoy the 8-13″ of snow, MN friends! We’ll send you some sunny-and-65 vibes from the coast. Thanks for thinking of us today, all. Send (squishy!!) baby vibes!

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