ice ice baby

Hi friends! It’s been a little bit. It’s not you, it’s us. And our busy lives with a kindergartener and a preschooler. And having no firm info from our fertility clinic.

Until now!!

Tonight we are going to bed pretty much the same way we have for weeks, but we know something tonight that we didn’t last night; it’s nice to know stuff — to have a plan. I do okay with the uncertainty of this whole process because it’s easy for me to go to work, fix complicated computer problems, drink soda water, make terrible puns, and fix completely uncomplicated non-computer problems (ID-10t errors, Code 18’s, 1K buffers, etc. — no idea what these mean? See here). I have an endless list of technical distractions that keep my brain more than adequately occupied at work and a houseful of strong, intelligent, and gorgeous girls at home. It’s a good life. And then I get news like I did today; the cherry on my Wednesdae (like a sun-dae…? nevermind).

We got our updated med calendar today. It tells us when the wifey should start taking her meds to get ready for an upcoming transfer!! (not a typo!)

Mid-April we plan to venture back to SanFran to treat ourselves to some post-transfer French fries. Or maybe we’ll scrap tradition and wives-tales and find a great barbecue joint instead. I have a feeling barbecue is our secret sauce to a successful transfer this time around; nothing like brisket to make a (squishy!!) baby.


  1. December :: Failed transfer
  2. Early January :: IP’s decide to use a frozen embryo
  3. The Rest of January :: Nothing
  4. February :: Four more weeks of nothing
  5. March :: A MED CALENDAR!! This is a really big deal after 8 weeks of nothing.
  6. April :: Second Transfer

I’ll leave you with this. My wife just told me she really wants to eat a Little Debbie snack cake. It reminded me of her on hormones. Which she will soon be on. Which reminds me that I need to write a post about the ridiculous things she says while her mind is controlled by hormones in her honor. Coming soon 🙂

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