cleared for takeoff

Tomorrow is, hopefully, the beginning of our grand adventure, what we’ve striven for these many months, or something like that.

Embryos are incredible little balls of possibility. They are incredibly fragile yet, somehow, also surprisingly durable, like when one was frozen for 24 years and still blossomed into a sweet squishy little one. Unreal. Does that mean that baby is 24 years old at birth? Who knows?

In just under a day and a half, we will pick up our little seed and do everything in our power to see that Surro Seed becomes Surro Baby. What does that look like? Light walking, frequent rest, a healthy diet, and no skydiving. A transferred embryo is more delicate than a native embryo, so making sure the little fellow is good and snug is important.

To be clear, we are completely aware that our transfer’s success is not very much at all in our control; maybe 5 percent? Whatever moderated activity and a mostly healthy diet can contribute anyway; “mostly” because of a wives tale regarding McDonald’s French fries being all kinds of magical for pulling off a successful transfer. Normally, I’m not superstitious, but hey, if French fries are involved, whatever for the cause I guess. I know; what a martyr. Sympathy McDonald’s for the win!

My wife, you guys. She is such a beautiful person. I have a lot of reasons that I think she’s the best person ever, but her selflessness on this budding adventure is in the top 5 for sure. Not only is she willing to eat those post-transfer fries, but (seriously, now) she has stared down the business end of dozens of needles and checkups and tests, all things she pretty much hates, because her desire to give someone who otherwise couldn’t experience the joys of being a mama exactly that far outweighs the totally optional discomfort required to do so. It’s an honor to do life with this woman on the daily. Ok, mush rant over. For now, anyway.

On tomorrow: we don’t believe in coincidence. Without turning this into a total worldview discussion, I’ll say that we have peace about our transfer. We’ve done everything possible to make sure that our transfer is as smooth as can be and we know that the rest is out of our hands. That’s not to suggest that we both don’t fervently hope this works. Because we do. Because this transfer is a unique opportunity. I have no idea of the probability of success here, but, because of some of our case specifics, tomorrow matters. A lot.

Today is a travel day; 4 hours and 10 minutes from MSP to SFO. SanFran is cooler than the last time we visited, but we are in for a mid-50’s week, tropical by comparison to Minnesota’s -2 F forecast for Christmas. So that’s fun.

If you’ve been following along you know that we love our kiddos immensely, but some “just us” time is never a bad thing. And it’s super helpful to have clear heads without the distractions of our littles, as entertaining as they are, so big shout-out to our village at home; it takes all of you to make what we are doing possible. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

And an obligatory airport selfie because my wife told me I had to. Not too shabby for 5:30am!

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