potential match!

Things are coming along! On Monday the owner and president of Gifted Journeys, our surrogacy agency, Wendie, was in Minneapolis for business. We got to spend the afternoon with her and it was fantastic! She’s amazing and we had the best time getting to know her 🙂

We also have a potential match! The intended parents were shown our profile before we saw theirs and they thought we looked like a perfect fit! We also thought they looked great! So the next step will be their fertility doctor receiving my medical records and clearing me. As soon as I’m approved by their doctor we will set up a Skype date with them and “meet” face to face. If that meeting goes well and we all click like I think we, Aaron and I, will head to California to have our psychological evaluations, and medical screenings done. From what I can tell the psychological evaluations consist of sitting with a therapist and answering a bunch of questions to make sure we can mentally handle this process. The medical screening will be a bunch of labs and blood work. FUN!

That’s where we are at! Now we wait… 🙂

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