starting the journey

The whole idea of surrogacy was planted in my heart about 10 years ago when I met a gal from our church who was a surrogate to two little surro babes. I just remember thinking how amazing it was. The thought that I may want to do that for someone else at some point kinda stuck, and has continued to grow over the years. I have mentioned my desire to be a surrogate a few times to Aaron but I knew this had to be a decision we were both comfortable with. When I asked him about it again recently (about a month ago) he said he would love to talk about it.

At that point I started doing a ton of research. I read blogs, watched youtube videos, read reviews of different agencies. I was overwhelmed with all the information. I literally didn’t sleep for a week because my brain would not shut off long enough to sleep. As we talked and researched and I applied to a few different agencies my excitement just grew.

We finally settled on Gifted Journeys as the agency we wanted to work with. We were immediately impressed with how special and cared for they made us feel. Some of the other agencies got really clinical really quickly. GJ (gifted Journeys) asked amazing questions on their applications and I felt like they really wanted to get to know me and my family. They definitely stood out to me, and we felt a lot of peace about going with them.

After we finished the application process the next step was a phone interview. This basically was just a phone call to go over the whole process with us and answer any questions we may have. Phone call went great! After the phone call we got a whole packet of information and forms we needed to sign and send back. After I finished those, I needed to get all my medical records and send those over to them so have their doctors look over then and officially approve me. Getting my medical records proved to be a little tricky since I’ve been seen at 3 different clinics between when I got pregnant with Eva and now. Having to contact each clinic and the hospital, fill out all of the release of information forms, and figure how to get all 4 of the 100+ page documents and get them over to the agency was kind of a headache but I got it done, and got approved!

Now we wait for a match! We were sent a potential match last week but the IPs (intended parents) wanted to transfer two embryos and at this point we only want one embryo transferred. I LOVE babies, but we decided we are aren’t comfortable with the risk that comes with a multiples pregnancy. So we are back to waiting. I don’t like waiting very much, especially when I’m this excited about something. But I have a feeling that waiting will be a common theme throughout this journey so we are buckling in for the ride.

We just wanted to thank you all for all the love and support we’ve received so far. Surrogacy isn’t something that’s talked about very often and we weren’t sure what kind of reaction we were going to get from friends and family. It’s been overwhelming to see all the love. We are so blessed and thankful to be surrounded by such amazing people. Thank you all so much. Please continue to pray for us as we start this journey. Pray for the intended parents (whoever they are). Pray for the little miracle that God is designing for those parents. Pray for our family as we walk through this new season of life.

We are so blessed and excited to be able to help create life! Stay tuned for updates 🙂

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